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Sorkin may write Steve Jobs Biopic

photo 3.JPG

I can see it.

Toby from the West Wing but in a black mock neck?

Could work.

Sony Wants ‘Social Network’ Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to Pen the Steve Jobs Biopic – via

The McKee Story Seminar

I spent the majority of last week attending the McKee Story Seminar at the Minnesota History Center.

Terrific experience.

If you’re serious about writing good stories, I say:

1.) Buy Story by Robert McKee (if you click this Amazon link and buy it, you’ll put a little tip in my tip jar…that’d be nice)

2.) Find a way to get to one of these seminars

But I’m very tired. Wednesday thru Friday were solid lecture from 9AM to 7PM, and Saturday was 9AM to 5PM, and consisted of a six-hour, scene-by-scene analysis of Casablanca. Sounds torturous, but it was extremely enlightening.


Buy Story by Robert McKee (

McKee’s Story Seminar Site

Woody Allen Talks about Filmmaking

I like Woody Allen. I don’t like all his films, but I still like him. (I keep meaning to pick up a couple of his books of stories. I hear they’re good.)

The new York times recently did an interview with him about his upcoming film, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger. There is some insight into what inspired him to make the film, but the interview is mostly about the external influences on his writing and filmmaking.

Q. The ideas of psychic powers and past lives, or at least people who believe in them, are central to “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.” What got you interested in writing about them?

A. I was interested in the concept of faith in something. This sounds so bleak when I say it, but we need some delusions to keep us going. And the people who successfully delude themselves seem happier than the people who can’t. I’ve known people who have put their faith in religion and in fortune tellers. So it occurred to me that that was a good character for a movie: a woman who everything had failed for her, and all of a sudden, it turned out that a woman telling her fortune was helping her. The problem is, eventually, she’s in for a rude awakening.


Woody Allen: The Director’s Cut (

Via @ihnatko

William Gibson’s ‘Zero History’ out today

I just ordered my copy.

Buy yours from through this link, and you’ll be dropping a few coins in my tip jar.

While you wait, you could also check out the book proposal for Gibson’s previous novel, Spook Country. Amazon’s hosting a PDF copy of it.

I’ve never really read a book proposal before, but I can’t think of a better author’s to start with.


Original proposal for William Gibson’s Spook Country via BoingBoing

Buy Zero History from Amazon