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Create comics on iPad

Strip Designer Screen shots

Nice quick tutorial on making comics on the iPad.

I would add one step for the lettering.

Use an app called Strip Designer. It makes balloons for you AND allows you to install actual comic book fonts from sites like

Just place the finished art in the app as though it were a photo and then letter away!

Create comic art with the iPad –

Strip Designer

Evan Dorkin Profiled on David Wasting Paper

Even Dorkin Portrait

I’m a fan of Evan Dorkin from years ago when I found a collection of Milk and Cheese in the local comic shop. And then I saw that he got writing credits on a couple of my favorite Space Ghost episodes, and I liked him even more.

Kind of lost touch with his work in the last few years, but I was VERY happy to see him show up in this latest of a very long line of interviews with interesting comics artists.

Evan Dorkin – Cartoonist Survey #246 via David Wasting Paper

The Comics Journal Interviews Cartoonist Chris Ware

From an interview in The Comics Journal:

Filmic language sort of took over comics in the 1940s and ’50s with adventure strips. I think that thinking of the panel as a camera is really…well, it’s one way of doing it, certainly, but the advantage of being a cartoonist is that you are not looking out into the world to make your work, you’re looking into yourself. So if you think of the panel as something that you are looking through, then it’s kind of a backwards way of thinking about it. If you’re going to use the innovations of film directors to communicate emotion then you’re just falling back on a crutch that I think is not specific to the medium in which you are working. So I was trying to find other ways of communicating things that were more endemic to comics.

It’s interesting to get a little insight into Ware’s unique style and worldview.

Some interesting Adobe Illustrator scripts I’m going to maybe use soon

I think there might be one or two things in this collection of Illustrator scripts that I could use in lettering my comics.

I think the Divide Text Frame would be useful when working with sound effects or shouted dialogue.

With this script you can divide multi-line text fields into separate text frame objects, making it easy to separate lists, navigation items, and more.

Speeding up the chopping up of a block of text could come in handy.

Another on that might cut down on some fiddling and CMD-Zs is the Metaball script.

This script will create connecting arcs from shapes you have drawn. Very useful when connecting basic shapes to create more complex shapes for logos, icons and illustrations.

I can see using this to create a more organically shaped balloon, much like the final balloon this week’s The Winchcombe strip.

But I like these scripts. Seeing stuff like this always makes me wish that I had learned how to do this myself when I had more free time.

By the way, I think I got this link from a post on Art Geek Zoo a while back. Check it out.


10 Free and Extremely Useful Illustrator Scripts(

Art Geek Zoo