Wordnik.com is better than the dictionary.

I just found out about this site called Wordnik, and it is now the place that I will go to find my words, to define my words, and to learn new words.

Stick your word in the search field and Wordnik will go to work for you.

It'll give you the definision of a word from several different online dictionaries and encyclopedias and other collections of lexcical1 information.

Hyponyms? Hypernyms? Wha??

Some of these things I did't know what they were, but now that I know about them, hell yes I want them in my fricking dictionary! Why weren't they there before?

Synonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, rhymes. Words that are found in similar contexts. Examples of the word in use. All very useful to have available when doing some serious word work.

And a great resource, the Reverse Dictionary which I used to look up what the study of insects in order to distiguish between Entymology and Etymology, the study of the history of words. Two words I confuse often.

This is now the place that I go to find my words. Incredible free resource.

Wordnik via some link blog that I can't remember now.

  1. A word that I had to look up to make sure it actually existed and meant what I thought it meant.

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